Procurement Courses 

Learning Online: A Quick Primer on Procurement Courses 

Being a member of the world’s leading procurement & supply chain management community provides many advantages, especially for your personal and professional development needs. An example of the benefits includes reaching out to the community to find out which online procurement training courses are the best in the industry. 

The focus of this blog is to share with you some of the great insights into the countless online courses available to procurement professionals that will help you determine which is the right one to meet your specific learning objectives.  

Beyond Procurement Courses 

Before we get into the courses recommended by community members, we think it is important to recognize that learning online is more than gathering credentials or certifications. 

Our profession is going through a significant transformation. This “shift” means that there is a notable change from a functional role to a strategic focus. As a result, more traditional courses may not provide you with the needed curriculum to be a relevant contributor to your organization. 

For example, and as previously referenced in numerous posts to this blog, most CPOs do not believe that their current procurement teams possess the skills to help them achieve their strategic objectives. 

Further complicating an already challenging situation is the fact that companies are continuously cutting their training budgets, meaning that individuals must cover the costs for their advanced learning.  

Add into the equation the advent of remote working in the post-pandemic world and the need for you to be independently effective on a proactive basis magnifies the importance of selecting the right course. In other words, choosing wisely so that your newly acquired skills align with market shifts and the elevated role you will play within the enterprise is essential. 

The Procurement Community Speaks 

While the following responses do not provide a complete list of all available online courses, they represent an excellent starting point in your quest to up your game in this brave new world.  

So, here is what the Procurement Foundry community has to say about their experience with available courses. By the way, feel free to share additional information regarding your experiences in the comments section. 

“Lorman Learning has some good online courses as well as Linkedin Learning. You can also sign up online to take free college-level courses from universities through Coursera. There are classes on Procurement and Negotiations.” – John, Manager, Series Purchasing 

“I’ve found APICS a bit too narrow, but it depends on what you’re looking for, procurement, strategic sourcing, vendor management, supply chain, etc… SIG University’s CSP (certified sourcing professional) program is excellent and holistic, as is IAOP’s COP (certified outsourcing professional) program. Also, Jeanette and I offer The Contract Professional’s Playbook program (both book and online options). I believe they all have self-pacing options.” – Lawrence, Senior Leader, Strategic Sourcing 

“Art Of Procurement, Purchasing & procurement center, Next Level Purchasing Association.” – Tahj, Director of Purchasing & Logistics 

Once again, while the above comments do not provide a comprehensive list of available online courses, they do offer an excellent start for further discussion. As procurement’s talent shortage continues and digital transformation continues to take procurement by storm, upskilling is essential. Not all courses are created equally, and this is why robust conversations inside of the Foundry are welcome when making purchasing choices.  
Good luck on your new class! 

By Michael Cadieux