When It Comes to Recruiting Talent, Are You Ignoring Your Acres of Diamonds?

There is a steady increase in recruiting activity within the procurement industry. Often, there is an assumption that an organization should automatically be looking outside for new talent. However, in going “outside,” we may be ignoring the “internal” diamonds—the talent that we already have in place but have not fully developed or utilized.

Supporting Human Health:

The Strategic Role of Procurement and Supply Chain Management in Life Sciences Working in the life science industry brings a lot of enjoyment to employees and the patients and families they serve. The pace of medical and technological advancement provides better treatment for millions of people daily across the globe through healthier and longer lives. […]

Where the Full Value of Marketing Procurement is Recognized

The relationship between marketing and procurement has often been tumultuous since “marketing procurement” appeared on the scene more than two decades ago. The good news is, the relationship has improved. In a growing number of companies, procurement and marketing professionals are now working together as a cohesive team. But recent research also shows that many […]


The relationships that we build with our co-workers, business partners, and suppliers is paramount to professional growth.

Nurturing the relationships around us is how we achieve our goals. Whether the goal is professional or personal, relationships are the key to getting there.

Suppliers are People Too

The overall practice of developing, partnering, and retaining your supplier base should be the focus of every procurement person, from the buyer to the CPO. The best way to begin, Steph Shrader has found, is by practicing what should be called the Golden Rule of Procurement: treat your suppliers the way you would want to be treated yourself.