Procurement Council Blog: The Disruption of Procurement

By Cheryl Hayes for Procurement Foundry Once a procurement professional always a procurement professional? As procurement leaders are increasingly being seen less as cost savers (or spenders) and more as strategic enablers, we need to consider what procurement will and should look like in the imminent future. “Seasoned” procurement folks have years of experience, many […]

Let’s make a deal: Is bartering a viable option for today’s procurement professional – Part 1

Jon Hansen “What’s old, of course, always becomes new again,” begins the recent article about how digital is “stirring a new age of bartering.” While bartering has been around in many different forms since the beginning of time, it became popular in the 1930s during the Great Depression when money was in short supply. […]

Charitable procurement: How UNICEF USA finds the balance between cost savings and value-based buying

Andy Rhodes for Procurement Foundry With a mission of fundraising, education, and advocacy for children’s rights to ensure that kids worldwide have the opportunity to reach their full potential, at UNICEF USA we have a clear vision of what we are doing and why we are doing it. Unlike many private sector organizations that are […]

Digital Transformation and the 3 Lenses of Categorization

Dave Sheppard for Procurement Foundry It goes without saying that ‘digital transformation’ and ‘automation’ are hot topics and popular catchphrases for procurement professionals, but the stark reality is an organization must learn to crawl before it can walk. Unfortunately, and in their enthusiasm to jump to the digital promised land, most tend to overlook the […]

Is purchasing a bad word?

Mike Cadieux Quick question; what is the difference between purchasing and procurement? If you do a Google search, you will find that purchasing involves the process of ordering goods and services. Conversely, procurement involves the sourcing, negotiation, and strategic selection of goods that are important to an organization. Of course, additional searches reveal many variations […]