Procurement Courses 

Learning Online: A Quick Primer on Procurement Courses 

Being a member of the world’s leading procurement & supply chain management community provides many advantages, especially for your personal and professional development needs. An example of the benefits includes reaching out to the community to find out which online procurement training courses are the best in the industry.  The […]

Lean procurement

Agility and Speed Are Key to Lean Procurement Success 

Pop Quiz: What comes to mind when you hear the words lean procurement or purchasing?  You probably didn’t think of Japan in the 1950s, in which the process was designed to boost the country’s post-war economy by increasing production utilizing minimal resources. That’s right, the demand on purchasing to do […]

Corporate travel management

5 Reasons Companies Need Corporate Travel Management 

As the U.S. continues reopening and businesses move back into offices, corporate travel is on employees’ minds again. According to the  U.S. Travel Association, business travelers believe that, on average, they would lose 42% of customers without in-person meetings. And according to 64% of the respondents, “seeing customers” is the […]

Essential Procurement Reading List

Essential Procurement Reading List for 2022

At Procurement Foundry, we are always looking to sharpen our skills sets and stay on top of what is new, current, and trending in our ever-evolving industry. We can’t seem to find enough hours in the day to dive into all of the incredible books there are on the market […]

How to Set Procurement KPIs

How to Set Procurement KPIs in 2022   

Procurement is becoming the main strategy chamber of organizations. This sector bears the lion’s share of responsibility when navigating cost savings, cost avoidance, compliance, and even keeping the manufacturing line going. With such an important role to play—and so many vital facets depending on them—procurement must find and utilize the […]

Procurement Governance and Assurance

Procurement – From Gatekeeper to Governance to Assurance  

Procurement has evolved, and so has its cross-functional teams. Modern-day procurement professionals are more than corporate gatekeepers or policy police. They’ve transitioned from gatekeepers to governance to assurance facilitators. As assurance facilitators — they’re instrumental to the success of organizations by developing solicitations, creating organizational strategy, monitoring end-to-end processes, evaluating and collaborating with qualified suppliers, and everything in between.  This new face […]

How to Sell to Procurement

How to Sell to Procurement  

Salespeople. The word itself tends to bring a collective negative reaction—at least a slight eye roll, if not an outright groan. There is no debating that selling is tough, and doing it well is an art form of sorts.   And I’m not the only one who knows this, as the […]

Digital transformation in corporate travel

How to Implement Digital Transformation into Corporate Travel in 2022 

Even before COVID-19 began, corporate investment in digital transformation was a key business strategy. Two years into the pandemic, and digital transformation efforts have skyrocketed. Remote workforces with flexibility and agility have become a business imperative. Reaching increased profitability remains a priority, and to do this, organizations must bring new […]

Procurement Trends: Reshoring 

Procurement Trends in 2021: Reshoring  

Among the top procurement trends we saw in 2021 was the dramatic reshoring surge. As well as bringing sorely needed jobs back home to American soil from abroad, this practice also managed to save U.S.-based companies a bundle in overhead costs and more.   With reshoring becoming a hot trend in […]