Stress in Procurement: Is It Time To Put The Glass Down?

Do you feel regular workplace stress? Meeting high-pressure deadlines and constantly juggling competing priorities can be common causes of workplace stress for many procurement professionals. And these demands are not unique to procurement—80% of workers face them.

Perhaps a better question is whether you can manage it (or eliminate it) by reducing the causes? How do you decrease workplace stress?


Before A Software License Audit, Self-Audit

The likelihood your business will undergo at least one major IT vendor audit in the near future is high.  If you’ve received an official audit request from your vendor – or suspect you’ll receive one soon – it’s imperative you conduct an internal self-audit before vendors initiate their process.

Data Transformation Before Digital Transformation

The issues we are facing regarding underutilized and unrealized returns from our procurement tech are not due to a lack of data. While we are data-rich, we are intelligence poor as only 5% of all data is analyzed. Something has to change in our approach to gathering and managing our data to extract actionable knowledge beyond only 5%.

supplier diversity

Supplier Diversity Initiatives in Procurement: Two Truths and a Lie

Supplier diversity or the quest for diversity is nothing new. The first diversity initiatives came about as a result of the 1968 race riots in Detroit. Unfortunately, progress in the introduction of supplier diversity initiatives has gained little traction since then—at least not enough to warrant claims of sustainable success.

We need to push or lean in to push for the change to broaden long-lasting diversity initiatives.

Be Accountable: How Benchmarks Enable Smarter Procurement

Be Accountable: How Benchmarks Enable Smarter Procurement

Michael Van Keulen I’ve often said that procurement leaders need to come out of their shells. The onus is on us as professionals to step up, challenge the status quo, and lead. When we are successful at taking full ownership, our organizations benefit immensely. The events of 2020 highlighted how important a […]


The Summer of Procurement

With summer coming to a close, there is still much uncertainty for procurement professionals (though one thing is certain: our lives have forever changed). We wonder, will we be returning to the once familiar office routine, or will we remain remotely connected and independent? We discuss the highlights of summer and how it will influence our possible return to the office.

real estate

Real Estate Solutions That Deliver More When the Market is Offering Less

By: Jeff Pappas The post-pandemic world has had such a significant impact on the commercial real estate market, from both an ownership and leasing standpoint. Companies find themselves having to downsize to reduce their commercial footprint, from office space to warehouse facilities to storefronts. Demand for distribution centers and warehouse […]