P2P Tax

Tax Oversights in the P2P Process

Let’s talk about the procure-to-pay process. Specifically, we’re going to focus this article on P2P taxes and the common headaches that can accompany them, as well as discuss other pain points and big risks organizations should take care to avoid when dealing with taxes throughout the P2P lifecycle  This is a […]

Basics of Software Licenses for Procurement

The Basics of Software Licenses for Procurement  

I have been noticing lately that there have been several discussions inside the Procurement Foundry that were focused on navigating software renewals and gaining a better understanding of the basics of software licensing for procurement. In fact, there were so many conversations circling around this topic that I figured it […]

Supplier Diversity

Procurement Trends in 2021 – Diversity and Inclusion

As we enter a new year, it is customary to reflect on the previous 365-day stretch and survey what we have experienced and learned. Hopefully, we can measure how we have grown. We say many procurement trends in 2021—a global pandemic, upheaval touching all realms from economics to politics, and […]