Biggest Procurement Trends of 2021 – Best-of-Breed Software

Single suite versus best-of-breed: It’s a debate that has become heated, with each side advocating its preference’s superior benefits. So, with all of the buzz going around, which one should you choose? We’ll dive into the differences and advantages of each, as well as foreshadow what you can expect in […]

Procurement Trends

Procurement Trends of 2021 – The Focus on Better Data

Everywhere you look today, procurement trends seem to focus on data. But not just any data—better data. To be clear, this is not some new trend rooted in 2021 but has rather been a quest of procurement forever. It’s just that it is starting to feel like we might be […]

Procurement Problems and Restaurant Price Increases

Procurement Problems and Restaurant Price Increases in 2022

Restaurants and cafes have reopened (for the most part). But along with the excitement of returning to our favorite spots came the displeasure of receiving an expensive bill. Are they hiking their prices in hopes of making up for lost funds during lockdowns and forced closings this past year? It’s not the restauranteur’s fault—they’re another casualty in the current global supply chain woes.

Supply Chain and Holiday Food Shortages

Supply Chain and Holiday Food Shortages in 2021

The holiday season in 2021, rather than marked by abundance, saw scarcity hit the shelves. Procurement and food shortages stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic loomed over the otherwise festive season. We review some of the shortages and what we can expect going forward.