Supporting Human Health:

The Strategic Role of Procurement and Supply Chain Management in Life Sciences Working in the life science industry brings a lot of enjoyment to employees and the patients and families they serve. The pace of medical and technological advancement provides better treatment for millions of people daily across the globe through healthier and longer lives. […]

Where the Full Value of Marketing Procurement is Recognized

The relationship between marketing and procurement has often been tumultuous since “marketing procurement” appeared on the scene more than two decades ago. The good news is, the relationship has improved. In a growing number of companies, procurement and marketing professionals are now working together as a cohesive team. But recent research also shows that many […]


The relationships that we build with our co-workers, business partners, and suppliers is paramount to professional growth.

Nurturing the relationships around us is how we achieve our goals. Whether the goal is professional or personal, relationships are the key to getting there.

Beyond the headlines: Is procurement blockchain a real thing?

Michael Cadieux In 2016, Supply Chain 247 published an article about Walmart, IBM and Tsinghua University (in China) exploring the use of blockchain in the supply chain. There were several interesting elements to the initiative, including increased end-to-end transparency. But what became of the Walmart-IBM-Tsinghua initiative? Quit talking about blockchain There are any number of […]

Reports of ERPs death have been greatly exaggerated: why procurement should care

Check out the following excerpt from a 2014 article titled “Does Gartner’s “Postmodern” ERP moniker put a positive spin on what is, in reality, the equivalent of technology landfill” “When ERP was in its heyday, CEOs and business executives wanted reliable and integrated solutions, so they seized upon ERP as the way to provide this,” […]

Charitable procurement: How UNICEF USA finds the balance between cost savings and value-based buying

Andy Rhodes for Procurement Foundry With a mission of fundraising, education, and advocacy for children’s rights to ensure that kids worldwide have the opportunity to reach their full potential, at UNICEF USA we have a clear vision of what we are doing and why we are doing it. Unlike many private sector organizations that are […]