Procurement Foundry Members

“Procurement Foundry begins and ends with its members. Without the incredibly diverse membership and their willingness to engage and participate in our community we don’t exist.
PERIOD, End Of Discussion…”

Mike Cadieux, Founder
Procurement Foundry 

Procurement Foundry offers world class community.

Our community membership is a well balanced mix of Indirect Procurement, Supply Chain Management, Governmental and Independent Procurement & Sourcing Professionals. We personally review every application to Procurement Foundry so that our members are confident in their ability to engage peers without reservation.

We have members at the beginning of their sourcing industry careers still studying with the amazing degree and certification programs surrounding our industry, and we have members at the top of the industry, c-suite executives willing to share insights and leveraging the community to continually learn new tips and ideas.

Geographically we are already in over 37 countries and growing daily. Proving that there is no single source of expertise within our industry. We are a welcoming bunch, ready to help our peers, and learn along the way. Come and join us. The value that you will find within our membership is unparalleled. You will be happy you did.