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Procurement Foundry Partner Inquiry Form

Hello and welcome! Thank you for your interest in partnering with Procurement Foundry, the world’s premier procurement and sourcing professional’s community.  Nowhere is the value of partnership more relevant in today’s fast-paced business world than in the corporate Procurement and Supply Chain Management operations, and nowhere are more sourcing professionals gathering on a daily basis to engage, share and grow along with their peers.  As a community designed by, and built specifically to support sourcing professionals we understand and respect the need for strong, viable, well-represented vendor/partners.

Because of this, we are currently designing a well-balanced partner program for our members to have on-demand, simplified access to the ever-increasing vendor population, their goods, and services.  We are in the final design phases of what we feel will be the best approach to vendor access and engagement for our membership.  If you are interested in your company acquiring access to our membership community, then we recommend you fill out the Partner Inquiry Form below so we may contact you to discuss options suited to your needs.