Past Events

Procurement Foundry Past Events

At Procurement Foundry we understand the value of providing our members with opportunities to engage, network and learn. That is why, whenever possible, we record our content so that Procurement and Supply Chain professionals can learn on their own time. Below are the listings of our previous content.

Past Thought Leadership Events

Topic: Panasonic's Best-of-Breed vs Single Source P2P Solutions Stack Case Study

Previously recorded 11/4/21
A case study presented by apexanalytix and hosted by the Procurement Foundry

Topic: Corporate Trade: Urgent Care or Wellness Provider?

Previously recorded 11/9/21
Corporate barter, supply chain finance, asset management, cost optimization

Topic: Leveling up: Moving from Gatekeeper to Facilitator

Previously recorded 11/11/21
A topic presented by ZIP and hosted by the Procurement Foundry

Topic: AMA - Let Business Outcomes Drive Vendor Selection

Previously recorded 11/16/21

Topic: Building Resilience: Procurement & Supply Chain are Smarter Together

Previously recorded 11/30/21

Topic: Topics in Technology Panel - Cloud Sourcing - Preparing for 2022

Previously recorded 12/8/21

Topic: A Better Way to Buy: Services-enabled Procurement Technology

Previously recorded 12/9/21

Topic: Positioning Yourself for Success in a New Role

Previously recorded 1/18/22

Topic: IT Procurement Strategies for Managing Tech Supply Chain Issues

Previously recorded 1/25/22

Topic: Preparing Your Supply Chain for 2022 and Beyond

Previously recorded 1/27/22

Topic: Has Importing Changed Forever? The Need for Modern Tools in this Digital Age

Previously recorded 2/3/22

Topic: IT Infrastructure Cost Management Strategies

Previously recorded 2/4/22

Topic: Indirect Tax in Procurement: Critical Points Every Organization Needs to Consider

Previously recorded 2/10/22

Topic: Canva's Path to World Class Procurement

Previously recorded 2/17/22

Topic: Park Place Technologies - IT Skills Gap Strategies

Previously recorded 3/1/22

Topic: From P2P to P2P 2.0 - Let the Self-Service Revolution Begin

Previously recorded 3/8/22

Topics In Technology - Software Renewals

Previously recorded 3/9/22

Real World Examples of Digitalizing

Previously recorded 3/24/22

Topic: Trends and Advice in Corporate Travel: 2022

Previously recorded 4/5/22

Topic: Leveraging Procurement to Meet ESG Goals

Previously recorded 4/14/22

Topic: Zipper Lane Episode 3: Procurement Strategies for CFO & Finance Director

Previously recorded 4/19/22

Topic: How IT/Tech Category Managers Can Be a Sustainability Beacon

Previously recorded 4/21/22

Topic: How to Turn Your Procurement Into A Growth Driver

Previously recorded 5/12/22

Topic: Trends and Tips for a New Era of Procurement

Previously recorded 5/17/22

Topic: Next Generation Spend Intelligence... And Importance of Visibility within an Economic Downturn with Jake Wojcik

Previously recorded 7/19/22

Topic: How to Improve Capital Efficiency by Increasing Adoption of Procurement Processes

Previously recorded 7/21/22

Topic: Topic's in Technology with NPI

Previously recorded 7/27/22

Topic: Procurement's Foundation is Data

Previously recorded 8/18/22

Topic: A Roadmap to Successfully Negotiating Digital and Customer Experience Deals

Previously recorded 8/25/22

Topic: Deep Dive: Understanding the Impact of the Procurement Employee Experience on Cost, Efficiency and Risk

Previously recorded 9/29/22

Topic: The Rise Of The Third Party SaaS Buyer: Saving Companies From Themselves

Previously recorded 10/6/22 1pm ET

Topic: Software Audit Preparation & Defense

Previously recorded 10/19/22 11am ET

Topic: Round Table Recap & Review on Indirect Supplier Hostility & Anti-Competitive Behavior

Previously recorded 11/10/22 1pm ET

Topic: Supplier Diversity Panel: The Why & How

Previously recorded 1/10/23

Topic: How Top Consumer Engineers Built the Most User-Friendly Procurement Platform

Previously recorded 1/17/23

Topic: Learn how DHI is saving dozens of hours and improving cross-functional governance

Previously recorded 1/19/23

Topic: 2023 Retail Industry Procurement Trends to Watch

Previously recorded 1/31/23

Topic: How To Buy SaaS Smarter In 2023: Tips From Top Finance & Procurement Leaders

Previously recorded 2/7/23

Topic: FORGE ESG Webinar

Previously recorded 2/8/23

Topic: Modernizing your Procurement Processes: Strategies to Turbocharge Efficiency and Maximize Spend Control in the “Turbulent 20s”

Previously recorded 2/21/23

Topic: Industry Leader Insight into the Modern Procurement Space and the Blind Spots Found in Existing Procurement Solutions

Previously recorded 3/16/23

Topic: The Evolution of ERP – Making ROI Based Procurement Decisions

Previously recorded 3/21/23