Got Business Continuity Plans?

By Timothy Ponzio Got plans? No time like the present to create, update, and test those business continuity plans while in the thick of it. It’s better to take the proactive approach because most executive leaders will be asking for these plans if they haven’t done so already. If they aren’t asking yet, then this […]

Gearing Up for Industry 4.0 – How to Take Your First Step with Smart Scheduling

by John Buglino Industry 4.0 is revolutionizing how manufacturers leverage technology. Beyond being digitized, Industry 4.0 expands upon what you were able to accomplish with Industry 3.0. This new frontier in the world of industry takes the technology you’ve implemented—robotics, software as a service (SaaS), the Internet of Things (IoTs), AI, and big data platforms—and […]

Transitioning from transactional to strategic procurement: negotiating for success

Rich Ham, guest author for Procurement Foundry Procurement instinctively seeks the relative certainty and security that comes in the form of a contract. Procurement professionals tend to believe that once a contract is negotiated that promises savings in the form of lower per-item costs, the job is done. But are those savings real beyond the […]