Procurement Foundry Vision

Hello, fellow Procurement and Supply Chain Management practitioners!!!

Thank you for taking the time to come investigate the Procurement Foundry. The team and I are grateful that you have taken time out of your schedule to come to look at the community that we are building and maintaining on a daily basis for you all.

Many people have asked me what inspired me to create the Procurement Foundry, and where do I think it will go in the future. Well to answer that I have to take you back to my undergraduate days at Marist College in Poughkeepsie NY. Back at Marist, I was exactly the model student, I came from humble beginnings and while at school I typically held 2 or 3 jobs per semester.

There was one thing that kept me alive and moving forward academically back then, and it was the study groups I belonged to. I often thought about those people during my tenure as a procurement leader and thought, “someday I’m gonna get a study group together again.”

Then last year after starting my own firm, I delivered a pizza to my son’s room where he and his friends where playing their favorite video games over a snowy weekend. I asked what they were doing and got a quick, “we are Squading up Dad,” response. It hit me like a ton of bricks, we all need to “Squad up”!!!

So began the vision behind Procurement Foundry.

We are driving to build the largest community of Procurement and Supply Chain Management professionals in the world, and gather in a place to converse, share, and grow from our collective knowledge. Very much like those study groups that got me through the early days, but now we have thousands of folks with centuries of experience all in one place.

We want to make a community where you can “Squad up” have fun, network, make procurement cool, find some new colleagues, possibly find a new job, expand your knowledge, get answers to problems you face daily, and take advantage of all we can offer you.

All we ask is that you participate, engage, socialize, ask a question, provide some insight, mentor a peer, do something that will make you grow. Come in, introduce yourself, tell us where you are from and what you do, and how we can help you achieve your goals.

Every day I hear from people about the amazing value they are already getting from the Procurement Foundry, I truly hope you will be joining us and get the same value.

All the best and don’t forget we are #makingprocurementcool here.

Mike Cadieux