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Procurement Foundry is a private community where indirect procurement and supply chain management professionals come to gather, learn, share, and grow.

Reasons to Join, Engage, and Participate

Procurement Foundry offers world class community.
World Class Community

Procurement Foundry provides a place for all Indirect Sourcing & Supply Chain Management professionals from around the world to gather collectively in one place.  We offer industry practitioners a place to find, collaborate, and interact with like-minded peers with similar careers, goals, and day to day operational experiences.

Procurement Foundry offers an unprecedented knowledge base
Unprecedented Knowledge Base

Procurement Foundry is quickly amassing one of the largest knowledge repositories in the world for Indirect Sourcing & Supply Chain Management.  Dozens of discussion channels host interactive, searchable chat threads on every industry topic.  Document sharing, direct messaging, and peer to peer networking is simply seamless.

Procurement Foundry offers endless engagement opportunities
Endless Engagement Opportunities

From peer to peer introduction services, impromptu Q&A discussions, and an amazing calendar of regularly scheduled community events, there is no shortage of ways to engage and network.  Ask Me Anything (AMA’s) give members regular access to Industry thought leaders.  Webinars provide in-depth insights into the industries latest strategies, tools, and techniques, member surveys, and regional in-person networking events all are part of Procurement Foundry.


"The group offers a network to get up to speed faster and truly is a peer network."

Procurement Foundry The World’s Leading Sourcing Community

"This group fills a void of being able to discuss procurement related questions openly. It's unlike any other industry group, and it's only been around for 3.5 months... wow!"

Procurement Foundry The World’s Leading Sourcing Community

"I really enjoy checking in daily to see what folks are working on, and seeing comments from real practitioners."

Procurement Foundry The World’s Leading Sourcing Community

"It's the best live resource of sourcing and procurement professionals I've seen. It's become a must read for me weekly."

Procurement Foundry The World’s Leading Sourcing Community

"I don't bother with the homepage on LinkedIn anymore, I go straight to Procurement Foundry."

Procurement Foundry The World’s Leading Sourcing Community