Code of Conduct

Procurement Foundry: Code of Conduct

Procurement Foundry is a place for Sourcing Industry professionals both on the Indirect Procurement and Supply Chain Management worlds to gather, collaborate, share and learn from each other.

We’ve developed a set of guidelines to help you navigate the community:


We encourage members to create meaningful and respectful discussion around their experiences, projects, ideas or informational needs.

We have a large number of topic channels, as a new member we will be loading your membership with a few of the core topic channels, but know that there are many others.  You can find a list of all channels by clicking on the Channel button on the Navigation bar on the desktop and mobile app. However, if the subject you wish to discuss does not fit in one of these channels, please send a request in the #watercooler for Procurement Foundry Admin to add a new topic channel. Please try to keep all conversations in their appropriate associated topic channels.


All members of Procurement Foundry are encouraged to introduce themselves in the #introductions channel upon arrival. Give the community a short description (see our suggested questions that are posted at the beginning of every week) of who you are and what you’re working on. Feel free to share what you are looking to get out of the community, as well.


We are happy and encourage our members to discuss what they are doing.  Procurement Foundry is also attempting to create an environment where sourcing industry practitioners can actively search for new opportunities with potential employers.   Promotion of your availability and or resume should be conducted in the appropriate community Chat Channels.  If you have questions as to where this activity is appropriate please ask with the #watercooler so future members can see the answer as well.

Please note***  There are very strict rules surrounding selling goods and or services to Procurement Foundry members.  In the “Member only” channels there is no sales allowed.  Moderators will remove any such activity and reporting that to the leadership team.  If there are repeated offenses, Procurement Foundry will remove the abusive members.

Link-dumping is forbidden and will adversely affect what you are trying to achieve by sharing your link with the community. Moderators will remove such messages.


We encourage members to use their real name and represent themselves with a profile photo. Do not misrepresent yourself.  Any misrepresentation may be grounds for removal from the Procurement Foundry community.


Procurement Foundry is a community of professionals.  Although the community permits a wide range of humor and some marginal language that some may find inappropriate, please be respectful and courteous to other members.

As with any large group of people, disagreements will happen. We understand that you’ll have some strong opinions, but we still expect courtesy during a debate and expect you to refrain from personal attacks. Personal attacks will not be tolerated and are grounds for removal from the community.


The value of Procurement Foundry is in the interaction of the many.  We welcome all sourcing industry practitioners to join.  We do review profiles of our potential members prior to their approval to join the community.   Because of that, there are no invites of individuals directly into the community.  If you know of individuals that you think could benefit or could provide benefit to the community, we encourage you to send these folks a link to the website, where they can fill out the Membership request form, and be reviewed like all other members before them.


Failure to adhere to the community guidelines can result in your messages being removed (either automatically by our bot, or at an administrator’s discretion). Repeated violation will result in loss of access to the community.